World Largest Flag

The World’s Largest Flag was made by VIP FLAGS on the occasion of our 57th Independence day( 14th August 2004) in National Stadium Karachi. The Flag was sponsored by Shell Pakistan Ltd and the occasion was graced by Chairman Senate Mr. Muhammad Mian Soomro.

The flag measures 340ft x 510ft i.e. 173,400 sq.ft breaking the previous American Super flag record, which was 255ft x 505ft.

The Flag is made of 110 vertical stripes, while the crescent and star was Hand Painted. It was completed in just 13 days.

Proper arrangements were made to display this flag in National Stadium Karachi.

Click Here to Watch Video of Event

The previous record was owned by USA, whose Flag was 255ft x 505ft. The flag was completed in 6 months, in Pennsylvania, USA. 600 volunteers  were needed to hold the flag.

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